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Welcome to the Bitcoin Exchange User Guide

Here, we outline the most common questions we get asked by customers, and straightforward information on how you can use the feature.

If our documentation cannot help, please using the live chat function in the interface, or contact us via the logged in support page.

We are also on Twitter @CoinMateBT and Facebook

Current Promotions

We currently have a promotion for €20.00 vouchers for the first person in each country to deposit or withdraw money via cash into their account. Find out all the details at this blog post

Exchange Information & Fees Structure

  • The trading pair is BTC/EUR
  • Our terms & conditions, acceptable use policy, and privacy policy can be found here
  • We are a UK registered Bitcoin Exchange. You can find company information, and a little bit about our story by visiting our About Us page on the main site.
  •'s current fees can be found on our fees page. We use a maker/taker model.
  • Bitcoin deposits take 2 network confirmations
  • We have one day verification, with tiered verification levels.
  • We have low or no deposit/withdrawal fees depending on the methods you use.
  • Market Maker fee of 0.05% and Market Taker fee of 0.35%
  • We offer a referral program sharing 50% of maker/taker fees for 6 months for each referred trader.
  • We have a quarterly top 10 traders program which shares 20% of fees.

Support & Assistance has several ways to reach support. Firstly, while logged in you can submit a support ticket, or alternatively talk to us in the chat at the bottom right of the screen. Our working hours are 8am - 4pm GMT Monday-Friday. If you're stuck, get in touch! We're here to help.

Registering & Verifying your account

You can register a account with just an email address, and begin buying. selling and trading bitcoin with a 20 bitcoin/day or 100 bitcoin/month limit. Once registered, you should activate your account, and then you can log in and commence trading. For increased transaction limits, and to enable deposits and withdrawals in non-bitcoin methods, you can verify your account by providing the relevant photo id and documents. Companies are also accepted, requiring some further verification. Verification generally takes one working day or less.

Depositing & Withdrawing Bitcoin

We accept deposits and withdrawals in bitcoin. You can make a deposit or withdrawal by visiting the Account Balances page.

To deposit bitcoin, you need to generate a wallet address corresponding to your account. You then send the amount you want to send (minimum 0.0002 + transaction fee) to the wallet addresss. Shortly after it has received two confirmations from the bitcoin network, the balance will be available in your account. There are no fees for bitcoin deposits. You can generate a new deposit address once every 24 hours.

To withdraw bitcoin, enter the amount of bitcoin you would like to withdraw, and enter in your bitcoin wallet address. There is a flat 0.0001 transaction charge, regardless of the value of the withdrawal. Once you click withdraw, you need to enter the two-factor authentication code you receive by email, or generated by the Google Authenticator app, to complete the transaction.

Depositing & Withdrawing Money

We accept deposits and withdrawals in Euro, Polish Zloty, Czech Koruna via SEPA bank transfer. To use this function, you must verify your account. We also support Moneypolo & OKPay.


Advanced Trading via API