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We accept bitcoin deposits within two network confirmations. You can use this function to exclusively buy and sell bitcoin with limits while unverified. However, for larger limits, you must verify your account. Bitcoin deposits to your account are free.

Depositing Bitcoin onto your CoinMate account

While logged into your account, click on Account to see your Finances.

Click on the blue Deposit button in the Bitcoin section. This will open the Bitcoin Deposit Screen.

Click get a new address to have an address for your bitcoin deposits to be sent to. Send bitcoin to this wallet, subject to a minimum of 0.0002 bitcoin. You can copy and paste the address into a desktop wallet, or scan a QR code for convenience. Send the bitcoin from your wallet.

You can enter the transaction number from your Transaction history and enter this into a tool such as Blocktrail to see the status of your transaction on the network. A few moments after the second confirmation, your balance will be available to you in your account.

Once we have credited your account, you will receive an email to let you know it is available on your account.