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How to Buy Bitcoin on CoinMate

To begin with, you must register an account with, and then confirm your email address. To enable full features, and expanded transaction limits, you can verify your identity or company.

You have several options to deposit funds to your account. We support deposits of Bitcoin, Euro, and OKPay. Local currency deposits in Czech Koruna & Polish Zloty are converted into Euro. Once funds are deposited to your account, you can buy bitcoin in several ways.

Step by step

While logged into your account, you can trade from the front page, or the dedicated trading screen.

Enter an amount of bitcoin you would like to purchase in the BUY BTC section. You can click the Euro value above the input box to quickly enter the full amount.

The price defaults to the current BTC/EUR rate, and gives you a value in Bitcoin you will receive. Press the blue BUY BTC button, and you will be prompted to confirm your order.

If you accept this, the order will complete. If the market value changes, you may be asked to reconfirm your order. For transactions using the market rate, a 0.35% "Taker" transaction fee will be applied. Transactions placed on the order book will be charged a 0.05% "Maker" rate, if they are matched at a later date.

Getting my Bitcoin into my wallet

If you would like to trade bitcoin on the exchange, you can place orders on the market. However, if you would like to immediately withdraw your bitcoin to your wallet, you can visit your Finances page, and withdraw your bitcoins there. You will be prompted for your 2FA code via email or Google Authenticator, and once complete, your bitcoins should be transmitted to your wallet shortly thereafter.