Affiliate Referral Program

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Jump to: navigation, search offers registered members a referral program.

If you visit the Referrals section of your account page, you will find your unique referral URL in the format of You can promote in a variety of manners, such as articles, blog posts, forum signature links, and so on. We can also generate banners on request. Please don’t spam links across social media, but do feel free to share this among your personal network or relevant social media groups you participate in. You can even generate a QR code using one of the many free tools there, save it on your phone and get people to sign up in person.

How your earnings are calculated

We have pretty simple program terms. charges fees for buy and sell trades, using a maker (0.05%) and taker (0.35%) fee structure. For each of your referred users, you will receive 50% of these trading feesinto your account.

Eligible accounts will share fees for 6 months from date of registration.

Prohibited traffic

Self referral, Bots, Spam, Darknet traffic. Links on sites featuring goods and services illegal in Europe.

Allowed traffic

Personal link exchange, forum signatures, banners on websites, links in internet café’s, text links, blog posts, articles, bitcoin faucets, referral links in bitcoin ad networks, and other above board methods of traffic generation